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About you: You are an inspiring and motivated leader, with the ability to think strategically and make long term plans. We see that you have at least 5 years of leader experience, in a senior management position and a proven track record of bringing your team to success. You have a passion for innovation and with your business mindset you have the ability to put your ideas into practice. You get motivated by coaching team members and you are an excellent team player. We require you to have an understanding of the industry in which we operate, how it evolves and in which context that affects the product and services that we provide. We value if you have an understanding of both our customers’ (b2b) and the players (b2c) needs and expectations. To be a successful CPO, you need to have excellent communication skills and have the ability to travel and meet customers and partners, world-wide. This position is located in our head office in Stockholm. What we offer: We’re best known for creating high quality games, but we’re also renowned for having an exceptionally high employee satisfaction rate. In order to create award-winning content, we require a special team of individuals, and so we ensure all our staff members are able to work in an environment in which they can thrive. As a CPO and member of our senior management team, you will have an important role and make a significant impact in a global organisation with a strong focus on innovation and product development. You will work with committed colleagues in one of the fastest growing, most exciting and creative industries in the world. We have grown considerably over the past years and our journey has just begun. Our ambitions are high, and with us you will embark on a fast and challenging ride.
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Annons ID: 2650

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